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Hey thanks for the link to my Bain page, and I'm gonna be working a while to finish covering such a complex event. I think the lead concerns are very reasonable, though I personally thought the risks presented were quite small (but not non-existent). So you are right on, Clyde, that a visible sign would have been the right thing. The lead was mentioned on the website, and wasn'r it just wild that everyone was asked to view safety information on that clipboard before turning in their permit. I'm embarrassed to say I never read it - it may have had lead info, for all I know. Which does not change your excellent point about a visible warning.

My understanding is that, according to one of the Toxic Free NC writers, quite small can still be quite dangerous.

It's especially odd when you consider the progressive tendencies of the organizers and the fact that they knew this was a problem and, if I recall correctly, at least one wore protective gear.

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