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Hmm - "Best Bar at Which a Vaguely Attractive Female Can Draw Way Too Much Attention" - maybe I need to spend more time at Sadlacks. You'll have to give me the entire list some time.

Ha ha! Sadlack's is known for being an environment in which a lot of women feel uncomfortable from the attention.

That said, I think the men giving the attention aren't verbally abusive, don't generally make overly sexual comments and don't do the sorts of thing that I think would cross a serious line. And there are actually a number of very cool people that make their way through the scene, especially when there's live music or an event.

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with that place.

You should rendezvous with J DJ sometime. He'll introduce you to some key playas! [lol]

You were supposed to comment that I don't fall into the Vaguely Attractive category, that I'm more the Very Attractive type. Or the Drop Dead Gorgeous type. Your choice (fakepout) Now I'm mad. (/fakepout)

Sorry, I'm so far off my game it's not even funny. In honesty, I did think to myself that Sheri doesn't fit into that category and I should have pointed that out.

My bad. Cute fakepout, by the way!

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